Club Adopts Mission Statement

Through a drafting and comment process, members attending the 2016 annual meeting created and adopted a mission statement for the club.  The statement was ratified by the board on July 17, 2016.

The mission of the Pioneer Valley Wellesley Club is to foster connection, engagement, and support among members of the Wellesley community living in Massachusetts’s Connecticut River Valley:

Connection with other members who share interests, life circumstances, and an undergraduate college.  The club provides opportunities to welcome newcomers, socialize, maintain connections, and develop meaningful relationships with interesting alums.

Engagement through teaching and learning with those who share a passion for the arts, the environment, community service, and social justice. The club seeks to promote lifetime learning through informative programs and hands-on activities.

Support for one another, our Pioneer Valley community, and the College.  We help identify qualified high school students and cultivate their interest in Wellesley; support current students from the area; and serve as a liaison between the College and local alums.  Our members bring a wealth of career experience and wisdom to alums facing decisions in their professional lives.  Through the “Day to Make a Difference” and other initiatives in service of local needs, we strive to embody Wellesley’s motto, “Non ministrari sed ministrare.”