Letter from your Club President 

December 1, 2016

Dear Pioneer Valley Wellesley Alum,
As your president I usually write to you once a year in June - but this is not a usual year: I feel compelled to reach out to all of you now, to reaffirm our connections to one another, to our local community, and to our College. As Wellesley President Paula Johnson said in her letter to us written on November 9, 2016, “We must reaffirm our most deeply felt values as a community: equity, social justice, the embracing of difference, the search for knowledge based on fact, the demand for civil discourse that is inclusive while challenging in its rigor.”
President Johnson’s sentiments are reflected in the Club mission statement, which was ratified in July and resonates more deeply today. The mission of the Wellesley Club of the Pioneer Valley is to foster connection, engagement, and support among members of the Wellesley community living in Massachusetts’s Connecticut River Valley:

  • Connection with other members who share interests, life circumstances, and an undergraduate college.
  • Engagement through teaching and learning with those who share a passion for the arts, the environment, community service, and social justice.
  • Support for one another, our Pioneer Valley community, and the College.

Our mission is carried out in actions big and small. On November 15, I received an email from Club member Marylou Dodge, ’66, describing a big action that is the epitome of the spirit of our mission. She said:

Here's a happy thing- in the midst of one of the most awful weeks I can remember - the Gruber Family Foundation, of which I am a board member and which is led by a Wellesley classmate, lets me designate the recipient of some of their charitable donations. This year I'm giving $5,000 to the Northampton Survival Center as a gift from the Gruber Foundation via the Wellesley Club of the Pioneer Valley. So we Wellesley gals are giving lots of good provisions to people in the neighborhood. The Survival Center will announce the gift as a donation from the Gruber Foundation and the Wellesley Club of the Pioneer Valley.
A happy thing indeed. I hope to hear about many more happy things on December 11 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., at our annual cookie exchange, which I host. It would be
so good to see you there and learn how you are making a difference in our community. Bring some cookies to share and some non-perishable food or personal care items that we’ll take to the Northampton Survival Center. Families are welcome.

The Club relies on your support to create programming that brings us together. Do please pay your dues, if you haven’t already done so. (If you can’t remember if
you’ve paid, email our treasurer, Rachel Wang, at ryhwang@hotmail.com to find out.) Your dues support work such as:

  • All of our Launch activities for high school girls, incoming and current students, and young alums.

  • Publication of the club directory, which you may receive as a membership benefit.

  • Our annual faculty speaker event and community outreach for that event.

In addition to your dues, we most enthusiastically welcome your attendance at events and your engagement in activities. At November’s Board meeting, we
endorsed the idea of pop-up events—small, informal events where members connect with one another. You can use your club directory to organize a pop-up
group with a focus of your choosing. Do something now—when so many of us are searching for a point of connection and way to fight for the Wellesley values we
share. Enjoy and let us know how it goes. Better yet, share your news and activities on our website and Facebook pageļ‚¾perhaps a book you’ve published, a
community meeting you’ve attended, an upcoming performance. If you’d like to see something listed on our website or FB page, just tell any officer and we’ll make it
You can find our website at https://pioneervalley.alum.wellesley.edu by using your Wellesley Login to access the page. If you have trouble, contact the College help
desk at (781) 283-7777 or helpdesk@wellesley.edu. If you use Facebook, you can join our group, Wellesley Club of the Pioneer Valley. Contact Lindsay Sabadosa at
lsabadosa@gmail.com for assistance or friend her on Facebook.
Connection, engagement, support. When we ratified our Club mission statement in July, none of us realized how important these touchstones would become as 2016
draws to a close. We can draw strength from one another and be stronger together.
Please be in touch.
Lee Sproull, President
Wellesley Club of the Pioneer Valley
352 Chesterfield Road
Leeds, MA 01053