wellesley-launchWellesley Launch Luncheon 2017

This year, we welcomed four first years, two sophomores and one senior for our Launch Luncheon.

Club President Lee Sproull once again hosted the annual Launch Luncheon, and there was record-breaking attendance. Of the twenty currently enrolled, recently graduated and incoming students from the Pioneer Valley, seven were able to attend – a true accomplishment at this busy time of the year! Over quiche and salad, they swapped tips about what to pack for school and when to try out for various clubs and teams. We have incoming students interested in economics, biology, French, Spanish, Jewish Studies and more. Our local students also seem to have a flair for music – there are several vocalists as well as a violinist and pianist or two. We also have students on the swim and crew teams. The group was able to find lots of common and, we hope, establish connections with the Wellesley Club of the Pioneer Valley. Look forward to hearing more from these wonderful women in the club newsletter and we're sure you join us in wishing them all a wonderful year!